Apparently it’s working

The SSL I mean. I would have expired 3 months ago and I just realized that it auto-renewed 3 months ago (and 2 months ago, and 1 month ago). So apparently it’s working now. Hurray for SSL working without me having to do anything!

With that said, LD41 results. I didn’t finish the game to that incredibly stupid “theme” (*cough* rule >_>), “combine 2 incompatible genres”. – I know the Ludum Dare has bad themes sometimes, but this was an oxymoron by definition; as when you combined the genres you would then find yourself with an incompatible compatibility. Get what I mean? We attempted to combine racing and turn-based combat. This did not go well. However, despite that, I plan to finish the game somewhat and release it in a few days/weeks (depending on how I feel). It’s not good, but I’m at least going to release it to show why you don’t combine these two things together. Or, at the very least, why you don’t combine them together the way we tried to.


LD41 and onward

A few years after basically quitting making games I’ve decided to come back into it again. Going forward I expect it to be different from before for various reasons, I’m not going to explain.

First thing I did was slap together a framework to make the games in: AtarashiiMono (新しい物)

Atarashii Mono is a pun. Atarashii is an i-adjective meaning “new” and Mono is a noun meaning something like “thing”. Of course, the pun comes from the fact that I’m using MonoGame.

Second thing I will be doing is Ludum Dare 41.

After that I plan to start making games every few weeks and releasing them on Steam Direct. I’m well aware that Steam Direct is absolutely filled to the brim with shitty games. None of my games have ever been rated poorly, so I’m not too worried about that. I take pride in my games. I’ll put them up here too. Hopefully you can enjoy something I’ve made soon or even mod it. I’m all for that.

My framework linked above will keep evolving as I create games. So look forward to it being capable soon if you want to use it. At the moment it’s mostly slapped together as fast as possible so that I don’t have to do these basic things when LD41 starts. Knowing me it will grow into an interesting beast sooner than later.


A source code reminder

This is a reminder to anyone getting my software that most of my software’s source code is 100% open source. I’m bringing this up because I decided to once again scan my software with VirusTotal (so that I could send out false-positive reports) and discovered other people had scanned some of my software, but the source code for said software is 100% accessible.

In particular, Windows Window Renamer was scanned and had 4 detections, including “Suspicious” and “70% confidence” of being a virus. However, the source code has been available since early 2015 here: And looking at it, it’s pretty clear it’s 0% confidence of being a virus. My guess is packing the AU3 compiled executable inside the .NET pseudo executable is frowned upon by those supposed quality “antivirus” programs.

As another reminder, I do not create viruses nor spread them. I have not the will, want, desire, or patience to write malicious code. I’m only interested in making tools or games (or game tools) and occasionally fish lights

My two source code repository areas are here at Bitbucket or here at GitHub.

Share the love of open source! 私はオープンソースが大好きです!本当に。昨日、4時間に日本語を勉強しました。とてもつかれています。今、ねます。


Highly Questionable Things

I was taking a stroll around the internet when I stumbled upon this:

If you take a look at the page in the link, you might notice something familiar. That’s right, it’s one of the assets I borrowed from K.Hmix’s “Character Something or Other Machine” (キャラクターなんとか機). The assets are, according to the author, free for commercial use and such. Hence why I can redistribute them and why Piko Interactive can as well. Now, about the image, what I noticed that was particular to this image, is its colors. It’s the default palette color for the original Anime Character Creator that I released on 2009. It’s different from K.Hmix’s default. That’s why I recognized it. Whatever the case, I was disappointed that they failed to mention what software was used to generate the image. I’m not saying I’m holding a grudge or anything like that, just that when I use or take things, I like to give credit where credit is due. It’s the both the fair thing and the right thing.

So if you ever decide to use something in a commercial fashion like shown above, give credit to anything you used. We programmers, artists, etc, like credit. We may act like we don’t, but we most definitely do. Things like that actually would have driven me to further development if I had known sooner. I suppose though, things as they are, it’s a little too late.


Patreon Again ————^

Okay, ever since someone decided to actually give me money on Patreon it’s had me scrambling to think about taking it more seriously since I still have no income.

Benefits of supporting me on Patreon
– You can tell me what you’re supporting me on Patreon for. Thus giving me an incentive to work on a given project. Even a project I may have dropped.
– You give me a steady income of which I’ve never experienced before and could really use.
– I’ll develop more odd or unique tools, which you may or may not use

You can access get to Patreon using this link or the one at the top of the site. I appreciate any amount you give me. Honestly.


SSL Error…ugh

Okay, so the system that’s supposed to update my SSL certs automatically is running, but due to some sort of bug inside the program, it wasn’t issuing new certificates because it thought that my certs were registered for a month longer than they are. This irritating problem will hopefully be dealt with now, but I won’t know for another month. I may have to issue certs manually leading to temporary errors around this same time every month until I have it worked out.


Account Purge, 2017 Edition

I just purged around 200 accounts registered to the site that I am 99.9% certain were bots. There’s still some 300+ minimum left to purge, but I’m not in the mood for anymore purging at the moment.

Tip to bot creators: Don’t use stupid and obvious TLDs (.website, .top, .online) that I can search and destroy in bulk. Use Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc. they are much more difficult to check for. Another tip, lots of dots gives you away super quickly. “o…n…l..i….n.e..f…r…e.e..m…o….n.e…[email protected]” I mean, really? Did you think that wasn’t super noticeable?

One more thing, I came across an account: “[email protected]” – Is this someone I know personally? How else would some random person know that I’m a low life piece of shit? Is the secret out? Oh noes.

In other news: I’m very nearing a day of multiple releases. Be prepared! Also, I may host the new KanjiKana on GitHub since it’s purely client-sided now. Not sure honestly. It’s quite portable. My main issue at the moment is if I have to make updates, the cache will not purge on the client-side nor server-side for a few days here. I think GitHub updates faster, but I could be wrong.

Update 9/2/17: My definition of “near” is a little loose. I’m working on a bunch of projects back-to-back to make them release ready. So “near” could be next month. I promise that I’m getting them all prepared though.


Comments failure

For some two years it seemed like no comments were coming in. I thought my site just lost people who bothered to write comments. Suddenly in the last day after updating a WP plugin, I’m getting comments on various posts. I’m now suspecting that it was blocking comments for the last few years and if I see comments stop again, may have to disable this particular plugin.

So I apologize to anyone who’s been trying to post comments for the last few years with no success. I honestly didn’t know that this was a problem.


Open source this, open source that

I was thinking to myself today a lot about all of the projects I have that are sitting around unreleased. I was also thinking about all of the ongoing projects that I keep releasing. I started wondering why I bother to not just release them. It doesn’t really do me any harm. It’s not like I’m losing money, since I’m not exactly earning any anyways. Whether the code is bad or good, who cares. So I will start open sourcing numerous nonsensical projects from here on out.

Let’s take a quick look at this computer’s work stuff…

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.NET – Be wary of System.Timers.Timer

I’m working on large project that I will be releasing soon enough. I started it back in 2015 and am finally getting around to finishing it this year! I’ve rewritten a lot of the code so far and found that the reason for one of the major bugs was Microsoft’s System.Timers.Timer. It can and has caused a bizarre UI-lock and memory leak pattern that I’ve repeated consistently with the same results over and over. It will also cause things like a NetworkStream to read bytes from the wrong thread. If you think I’m joking about this, I’m not. I saw it repeatedly. So I made a drop-in replacement timer class that was heavily based on System.Timers.Timer from what I saw in dotPeek. I made my own adjustments, mostly for things that weren’t needed, and not only has it not had this locking issues, but it has no memory leak issues either. Nor oddities like reading bytes from the wrong thread (I legitimately don’t know how it was doing that). I will post it here for those wanting it. Eventually it will be released as part of this entire project.

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