MAX7219 LED Matrix Shape Maker Release V3 (11/11/16)

The version 3 release brings graphical fixes from my rushed v2. It also introduces fancy drawing which makes the lights look more how they look on the actual devices.


Edit: Expect more releases. I feel like there’s a bit more I could do to improve this like adding rotations, but we’ll see.
Update: Updated to v4. I added an appropriate icon and changed the “fancy draw” colors a little bit.



Failed logins & More attempts at stupid

I saw in my logs that seemingly legit logins were attempting to occur. In particular I recognized a particular login username, “therexion.” The problem was that there were no accept headers so login was blocked. So, for those failing to log in legitimately, please try another browser. I’ve been able to login from Edge and Chrome. Firefox, IE11 and below, and others are not tested and may not work. If you’re only looking to post comments, don’t bother logging in at all. I now use Disqus and they handle all of the login business.

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MAX7219 LED Matrix Shape Maker Release (10/28/16)

Woo hoo! A new release for all of you MAX7219 fans.

This program helps in making shapes for the MAX7219 LED Matrix. It was designed to help me make shapes for a MAX7219 module on the Arduino, but should be applicable to other applications as well. It comes pre-designed to work with the Arduino mega out-of-the-box easily assuming you have the LEDMatrix library by valmat (


Update: I put up Version 2 which adds a matrix loader. The matrices are stored as an unsigned long and put as a comment above the generated shape.



To spammers

I want you to know that I have long logs of your activity. The spam, bad headers, the 404s, the admin account login attempts, the random user account login attempts, the script-kiddie childish bullcrap, your emails, IPs, and so much more. Please, for your own sake, find another site to harass. You look silly coming after me because I publicly post your information periodically and I contact your webhosts and make complaints against you more than a few times per month. I noticed that I just reached 83,000 bullcrap attempts at stupid so I thought I’d save you the trouble and just tell you to go bother someone else.

Some fun ones…
Script kiddie:
Spammer:,, 185.x.x.x/8
Admin account login attempts:
Retard-level account login attempts:,, 54.x.x.x/8

The crown for the dumbest person of all goes to this IP which, funny enough, actually seems to be a bot’s real IP and not a veil.
Multiple admin account registration attempts:

Now please, leave me alone. I’ve been programming a little arduino robot and haven’t been paying attention to my website so stupid stuff like this has been slipping past me.


UPnP Manager is…buggy

I’m looking into some bizarre bugs found in UPnP Manager since its last release.

– When too many ports are open, UPnP Manager locks up.
– When connected to a router for too long or if the router has been on for too long, it fails to check open ports on Windows 7 (may not be able to fix).
– Does not update status of ports in real-time.
– Does not add or remove ports that are opened in real-time.
– Other misc. issues.


A questionable C# bug – Error CS0173

I’m working on a game and server for a game called “Word Chain” which is based on Chain Reaction. While scouring my code JetBrains ReSharper told me that a section of my code was redundant. ReSharper was sort-of right, but was actually quite wrong according to Roslyn. In fact that only reason the code looked the way it did was because of a bizarre “bug” in my code that was anything but that.

Here’s what was written down (UDPGameServer and TCPGameServer stem from abstract class GameServer)

gameServer = Program.SpArguments.ContainsKey("udp") ? (GameServer)new UDPGameServer() : (GameServer)new TCPGameServer();

This is what ReSharper recommended, but this errors out with the error message show below.

gameServer = Program.SpArguments.ContainsKey("udp") ? new UDPGameServer() : new TCPGameServer();

This is one way to cast that I tried, but failed with the error below.

(GameServer)(Program.SpArguments.ContainsKey("udp") ? new UDPGameServer() : new TCPGameServer());

This is another way to cast that I tried, but failed with the error below.

gameServer = (Program.SpArguments.ContainsKey("udp") ? new UDPGameServer() : new TCPGameServer()) as GameServer;

This is the error shown from the three changes I attempted at the code. As you might clearly see, this really shouldn’t error out and should be legal code by C# standards.

Error CS0173 Type of conditional expression cannot be determined because there is no implicit conversion between ‘ChainReactGame.UDPGameServer’ and ‘ChainReactGame.TCPGameServer’ ChainReactMPServerr

In closing I don’t have much to say other than I’d like to see a Microsoft dev tell me why they think this error is appropriate and where in the C# standards can I find a specification that says this error should be thrown by the roslyn compiler. I personally think this is a roslyn bug, but I don’t know. I’d like to hear your thoughts on it if you’ve been thrown this doozy.



Some Source Code Releases To Come

I’m going to be releasing the source code to some old projects that I’ve only released as freeware next Monday. “Why?,” you might be asking yourself. It’s because of this VirusTotal Link.

I laughed when I saw that PeerBlock List Unblocker was detected as “Trojan.MSIL.gen.18” by whatever “VBA32” is. The hilarious part is that the code is so incredibly innocent (and small) that I figured like the rest of my software, it would be detected as 100% clean (because it is). However, some PoS anti-virus proved to me that the most innocent software can be detected as bad. So I’m going to release the source code to disperse any doubts and at the same time I will also release DTF, PE, and BTT’s source code.

Edit: Oh hey, you know the newly released “WebP GUI”. You know, the one where I provided source code basically from the very start of development, that’s detected as a virus by 1 PoS anti-virus too. VirusTotal Link. This is further proof that the small anti-viruses need to dropout of the game because they hurt software developers by reporting false-positives.

Important Note: The reason I can’t release until Monday is because I’m not home and because of a hardcore brownout (that shut my computer off) in the city I’m from, while I’ve been away. So I can’t access my computer remotely, otherwise I would’ve already.

Edit: Ah ha, I got the Chinese company to not consider my software as a generic trojen. I couldn’t even figure out how to contact “VBA32” so I gave up. As a note, I am not going to release the software anymore. I now remember the reason why I didn’t release it in the first place. It wasn’t because of any “malwares”, it was because it had software dependencies in weird places that make it hard to upload online to a repository. For instance, the btt tool requires my private nrgsoft lib dependency module to compile.

Edit 9/20/2016: Peer Block List Unblocker source code is here (I found it!)


WebP GUI Release (06/28/2016)

One day later and already a new release of WebP GUI. This is be expected though, as the first release was very incomplete. This version is too, but far less incomplete.

The software is about 30% done right now. The small remaining compression features will be added next and then the decompression features will start to be added. More releases are going to come.

Download: Windows (Vista & Above) | Source Code



  • Added nearly all remaining compression features
  • Added about dialog
  • Changed right-hand items layout

WebP GUI Release (2016/06/27)


WebP is an image format developed and maintained by Google. While having a number of features, it lacks a lot of support from the general community at large. So I decided to help out a bit by introducing WebP GUI. It’s a piece of software designed to use Google’s webp binaries and manipulate them in a fashion people are more accustomed to instead of cryptically writing it out on the command line.

WebP GUI, like WebP itself, is definitely incomplete, but complete enough to release for now.

Download: Windows (Vista and above) | Source Code


Note to XP and below users: I’m officially not supporting Windows XP anymore. It’s time to upgrade. I’m not saying you have to go to Windows 10, but you can’t stay on XP either.


Page Speedup

For some reason I was loading the left repository updates sidebar on the main thread. Now it’s loading in the background and is speeding up the page delivery. Sorry about that screw-up.

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