CABuddy – Unicode CAB Compressor – Release 9/7/2018

Edit: Newer version available here.

I looked for 2 hours for Unicode CAB compressors and found nothing. What I did find was someone who wrote a Unicode-supported library for CAB files on CodeProject. I got my hands on it and fixed some minor bugs and compilation issues. Made a GUI, and walla, a modern x64 CAB compressor.

Credits: Elmue for the CAB lib and IcoJam for the Blueberry icons

Download: CABuddy (x64).zip or CABuddy (x64).cab

This is just the initial release. I have bigger plans for it (notice that I left status bar in by accident), but for now I wanted to put something out there.

boldr – New parser built from the ground up

boldr, the multi-paradigm scripting language along with a new scanner, now has a new advanced parser, and soon will have a new virtual machine.

It’s extremely likely that it won’t have a stack overflow like the old one, MCNE, had a high potential for doing if you had too much code. This is because statements are cascaded now instead of being binary branched to the maximum stack depth. Most non-expression nodes have their own special node types making them more efficient than a regular AST, like MCNE was, and allows me to do more advanced functionality with the code than ever before.

When I’m done with the C# version, it will be ported to Cerberus X and likely C++ as well. If you want to support this project more, use the Patreon button above to support me.

3 4 Minecraft DataPacks

That’s right, I do things other than programming, like pseudo programming. These 3 4 datapacks are being used on a Vanilla Minecraft server between my friends and I to enhance the vanilla experience.


Description: Gives experience for digging around and playing the game as usual.

Easy Sleep

Description: Only one person needs to sleep on a multiplayer server for it to go back to day.

Pseudo RNG

Description: DataPack for other datapacks to use to help in random number generation.

Who Joined

Description: Fires off a one tick event when player logs in.


I have decided

The project that will be released this year will be KanjiKana. However, I plan to do another full rewrite of it before I release it. This time I will be using modern frameworks and such as to seem edgy and on top of the playing field…also so that I can learn some of these frameworks people use in modern website development that I never bothered to learn. A good portion of the code will be from the second version of KanjiKana, but I just wanted it to be easier to modify the interface and such. Essentially, I’m just trying to clean it up since in its current state, it’s not pretty. The UI handling is just, not good. It’s not good. It’s ugly and I don’t like it one bit.

Account Purge 2018 – Summer Edition

I’m purging all accounts except mine and my brother’s account. If you wish to make an account after this, you’ll have to do so after filling out the form again with reCaptcha.

Edit: Okay, so I accidentally purged my brother’s account. I also didn’t purge any accounts with gravatars after the letter E. A-D were deleted completely. It may have deleted posts and other things as well. It was not intentional.

Edit: I’d also like to re-mention, that you don’t need an account on my site to post comments. You need a Disqus account to post comments. You only need an account if you’re posting on the forums. Also, get RSS if you want to be informed of new posts.


Help fund the successor to MiniC N.Edition (MCNE), a multi-platform, multi-paradigm, scripting language that has been affectionately dubbed “boldr” (pronounced “boulder”)

It started off as “boldr–” which was pronounced “balderdashes” but the name was trimmed to something slicker and easier to remember.

Support the project over at Patreon:

More information and source code will be coming in the next few months as I prepare releases across different platforms.


Bots seem to be going full tilt and getting through the like 5 layers of verification. Being just plain obnoxious with all of their bullshit. So I’ve enabled a security mode for the site until the bots recede back into the darkness of the asshole from which they spawned.

I apologize for any inconvenience it causes for the moment.

Update 7/5/18: reCaptcha has been implemented as CloudFlare is failing at its job.


I just looked over at my projects page and realized that I released no new software in 2017 and so far in 2018, also haven’t released any new software. To be fair, I’ve been studying a lot of my time, but that’s no excuse for not producing anything.

My goal by the end of the year is to release at least one of these things…

– KanjiKana 2.0
Japanese practicing software, now completely rewritten and only in JavaScript (no more php, SQL, etc.). It might also include the wk2kk which automatically converts WaniKani data into a compatible format for KanjiKana.

– WordChainGame
This is a “Chain Reaction” like game with over-the-network play. I haven’t worked out the kinks in the networking yet, and hence why it hasn’t been released.
Edit: On second thoughts, looking over the code (after I made this post), I have to rewrite most of it because it’s clear I didn’t understand .NET handling of networking until later in the code where it became much cleaner.

– CopyScrub
This one copies a file and then scrubs the original. It seems to be detected by antiviruses though as something bad. So I may choose to not release this one as I didn’t realize they hated file scrubbing.

Privacy Policy (or GDPR response)

I don’t reside in Europe and the servers do not reside in Europe and by that measure I don’t really give a crap about foreign laws like the GDPR. Although I thought I should write about what collection of data is done to make it clear.

– IPs – This is stored for a few years mostly for sorting out spammers, not regular people (unless you’re trying to falsify login info).
– Downloads – I record download statistics, but they are not directly linked with any IPs, it’s just a raw numbers. Although there are logs that link to direct IPs, I almost never read them unless abuse is detected. I’m looking at you EDUs.
– Google Analytics – I use it to track raw count of how many people visit my website monthly. If you aren’t interested in being analytics data tracked from Google, install uBlock Origin, Adblock, or other adblocking software. I think most of them come with analytics blocking too.

Once again, I don’t have to follow any new laws and I didn’t have to tell you what I collect, but I decided to anyways. If you run a site one day, you’ll understand that what I bother to collect information wise is probably one of the most minimal you’ll come by. That’s because I really don’t have time to look over logs. It’s just too much work and frankly I’m not interested. This is a one-man show after all. I’d rather be programming or gaming than spending time looking at what pages you visited on a given day. Plus, there’s like a 1000 of you that come every month. That’s too many people.