Open sourcing projects

I’m planning to start open sourcing a project every 2 weeks. That is, the projects on the projects page’s source code will slowly be released freely. I plan to do this until every major project that should be open source is open source. Here’s the release chart plan… SPCalc – June 23rd (in a couple […]

New Learning Monkey Live

I’ve put up the new version of my e-book (well, HTML-Book) Learning Monkey made from the new generator. Aside from the generator, I made several changes to the template. I also changed the background color behind the text to not be gray. It’s now a light teal. Now that the book is extremely maintainable, I’m […]

Word Repeater + Number Replacer

This project was made for the sole purpose of repeating some text with a number appended on the end. I decided to take it to another level and made it a more general replacement tool. Word Repeat Tool Link:

[php] Yet Another Time Ago Function

I was looking for a ‘time ago’ type function and saw a bunch of ‘time ago’ type functions that were two things, either badly written and hard to understand. Those were likely written by hobbyists, not professionals. The others were too complex, that is, they were too complex for something that should be rather simple […]

SPCalc v2.0

After being on hiatus (for various personal reasons), I’m back and just completed SPCalc 2.0 with just a bit over 80% of the code being new! Lots of old (and quite frankly ugly) code was replaced with brand new, clean and tough, code that shouldn’t have any crashes while in use. I would like to […]