Solve my problems sleep

This is just a short talk about sleeping. A bit over a year ago I realized that when I slept, that any problems I had, especially in my programs that I was having issues solving, would solve themselves by the time I woke up. If I didn’t understand something, I’d just sleep on it. When […]

Always interesting to find this…

Was looking at this site called randomly waiting for my sleeping pill to really kick in. I came across a video section for x86 assembly. I then got interested to see how this guy explains binary / hex and the such. So I watched the Hexadecimal/Octal/Binary video; then the one on boolean operations. Even […]

Kanji-Kana Recognition Helper

I was originally unsure about altering a Japanese character recognition helper I had made to make it so that people could use it online. But, its come to my attention that I could up my site’s rank. So…in a few days, it’s likely it’ll suddenly appear available for use online here. The screenshot here is […]