The fastest/quickest hex-to-dec and dec-to-hex

Before reading: The code presented is for the Monkey X multiplatform language. This was the fastest/quickest multiplatform solution I could design. Okay, so there was a reason that I needed a blazing fast dec-to-hex and vice-versa conversion. I’m not going to go over it. Anyways, after playing around for several hours I found a method […]

Solving for n-sized table/grid

In my games I wanted to solve for n-sized tables/grids. That is, something like web browser’s table. I needed this so that I could have re-sizable windows and the like. For some reason I had a hard time figuring this out 2 years ago. Skip forward 2 years later, I rewrote my code and managed […]

New Learning Monkey Live

I’ve put up the new version of my e-book (well, HTML-Book) Learning Monkey made from the new generator. Aside from the generator, I made several changes to the template. I also changed the background color behind the text to not be gray. It’s now a light teal. Now that the book is extremely maintainable, I’m […]

Notepad++ UDL Collection (EBNF and Monkey)

I’ve started a repository on BitBucket (my favorite repository site…’cause I don’t like git, sorry github) that has, as of right now, two Notepad++ UDL XML files. Notepad++ had a total overhaul on the UDL back in September of 2012. This made it so that UDL was actually useful. With that in mind, I took […]

LD25 – Double DeConstruction

We completed Double DeConstruction for Ludum Dare #25. I don’t have much to say about it other than me being thrilled at the game getting completed.

Quad Trees!

I’m surprised that I’ve just learned of these. Regardless, I had fun making a quick example of them. I’m sure there’s going to be one or more people coming in wondering if I’m going to go deeper into explaining what I did. I’m not. Quad trees are fairly simple. My math level is algebra […]

Prototype Alpha: Blackboard

Update: I don’t think this works on other people’s computers for whatever reason. So if you download and it works, great. Otherwise, don’t be surprised. Download: This is the first prototype…uh, well it’s not really a game. It was to test drawing functionality and to correct gaps in-between mouse movement. That’s about it. Total […]