New Learning Monkey Live

I’ve put up the new version of my e-book (well, HTML-Book) Learning Monkey made from the new generator. Aside from the generator, I made several changes to the template. I also changed the background color behind the text to not be gray. It’s now a light teal. Now that the book is extremely maintainable, I’m […]

Game Editor

(Yes, this was greatly inspired by RPG Maker) So this is the first real visible level editor I’ve built. Did several tests and the engine-side of this can run at least 4 layers of tiles at nearly 500 FPS on a low-end laptop. This is great because with the stuff to come it will be […]

Pictures from daily life

Morning breakfest: Maruchan Instant “Lunch” *cough*, Instant Coffee, and water Two months ago I was a passenger in a vehicle at night when I spotted this vehicle with the most awesome license plate ever (Aside from my brother’s license plate that has “AMD” in it. :D)

Lightning and Thunder Storm!

After a dry lightning and thunder-less town for quite some time, a sudden and unexpectedly powerful lightning and thunderstorm erupted from the city. The dad, of a friend of mine, took some awesome pictures of the storm. I’m only gonna share one cause these are private to them. But, it was just such a nice […]