New Learning Monkey Live

I’ve put up the new version of my e-book (well, HTML-Book) Learning Monkey made from the new generator. Aside from the generator, I made several changes to the template. I also changed the background color behind the text to not be gray. It’s now a light teal. Now that the book is extremely maintainable, I’m […]

NixScript – A C-style Monkey typeless scripting language

This is a pretty eventful post. So after taking some pointers and such from a module called MiniC, I finally started understanding how to really build a scripting language. Up to this point, I had extremely limited experience with parsers and didn’t really understand them very well. After playing around with MiniC for some time […]

Notepad++ UDL Collection (EBNF and Monkey)

I’ve started a repository on BitBucket (my favorite repository site…’cause I don’t like git, sorry github) that has, as of right now, two Notepad++ UDL XML files. Notepad++ had a total overhaul on the UDL back in September of 2012. This made it so that UDL was actually useful. With that in mind, I took […]

2D Game Programming – Thoughts on Math

Now that I’ve been doing game development for around 14-years (although many of those years were not serious because I was in my adolescence), I figured I should give my thoughts on the mathematical side of it. I’ve never been one to say that I love math, although I did well in school without trying […]

[php] Yet Another Time Ago Function

I was looking for a ‘time ago’ type function and saw a bunch of ‘time ago’ type functions that were two things, either badly written and hard to understand. Those were likely written by hobbyists, not professionals. The others were too complex, that is, they were too complex for something that should be rather simple […]

Game Editor

(Yes, this was greatly inspired by RPG Maker) So this is the first real visible level editor I’ve built. Did several tests and the engine-side of this can run at least 4 layers of tiles at nearly 500 FPS on a low-end laptop. This is great because with the stuff to come it will be […]

T-ACT – More On Maps

So I made a isometric tile drawing test. Worked out flawlessly. A little on the heavy side as far as calculations per update but, I have ways of lowering it that I haven’t bothered to put in. You can actually play with it here. Left Click = Draw Ctrl + Left Click = Erase Plus […]

T-ACT Map Specifications

So, apparently I decided I’d rather start working on T-ACT, well, not directly on it but on a game that is the base for it. I just finished the map data specifications. The idea is fairly simple, it has a movement map and then the drawn layers. I can determine where a player is drawn […]

SPCalc v2.1

Bumped up the version just a couple of days after 2.0 was released, not without good reason though. Added a conversion history box. That way you can view the previous values you’ve converted. I kept reconverting values and thought it’d be a good idea to just keep of history of the previous conversions. Download v2.1b […]