SPCalc v2.0

After being on hiatus (for various personal reasons), I’m back and just completed SPCalc 2.0 with just a bit over 80% of the code being new! Lots of old (and quite frankly ugly) code was replaced with brand new, clean and tough, code that shouldn’t have any crashes while in use. I would like to […]

Pictures from daily life

Morning breakfest: Maruchan Instant “Lunch” *cough*, Instant Coffee, and water Two months ago I was a passenger in a vehicle at night when I spotted this vehicle with the most awesome license plate ever (Aside from my brother’s license plate that has “AMD” in it. :D)

Forgotten Projects

I’ve forgotten some projects throughout the days I’ve been doing stuff. So I’m here to bring awareness of these projects. As well as putting them into the projects portion of the site. Binary (ASCII/Unicode) Converter – http://nrgs.org/bit.html SPCalc, The BigEndian/LittleEndian Float/Int Hex/Dec Converter (with 2 known bugs) – http://nrgs.org/dev/number_converter/SPCalc_02102012.zip That’s all for now. I know […]

Bluehost and Installing Java

I’d like to make a small little tutorial. I have used and still do use linux. Ubuntu 10.10 in particular. Regardless, I touch the shell, but not as often as one who uses linux would think. So, I’m not always sure about what does what and how files on the system act. Anyways, I wanted […]