T-ACT Map Specifications

So, apparently I decided I’d rather start working on T-ACT, well, not directly on it but on a game that is the base for it. I just finished the map data specifications. The idea is fairly simple, it has a movement map and then the drawn layers. I can determine where a player is drawn […]

SPCalc v2.1

Bumped up the version just a couple of days after 2.0 was released, not without good reason though. Added a conversion history box. That way you can view the previous values you’ve converted. I kept reconverting values and thought it’d be a good idea to just keep of history of the previous conversions. Download v2.1b […]

SPCalc v2.0

After being on hiatus (for various personal reasons), I’m back and just completed SPCalc 2.0 with just a bit over 80% of the code being new! Lots of old (and quite frankly ugly) code was replaced with brand new, clean and tough, code that shouldn’t have any crashes while in use. I would like to […]

Quad Trees!

I’m surprised that I’ve just learned of these. Regardless, I had fun making a quick example of them. http://skyknitters.com/gdemos/quad_trees/ I’m sure there’s going to be one or more people coming in wondering if I’m going to go deeper into explaining what I did. I’m not. Quad trees are fairly simple. My math level is algebra […]

Forgotten Projects

I’ve forgotten some projects throughout the days I’ve been doing stuff. So I’m here to bring awareness of these projects. As well as putting them into the projects portion of the site. Binary (ASCII/Unicode) Converter – http://nrgs.org/bit.html SPCalc, The BigEndian/LittleEndian Float/Int Hex/Dec Converter (with 2 known bugs) – http://nrgs.org/dev/number_converter/SPCalc_02102012.zip That’s all for now. I know […]

Prototype Alpha: Blackboard

Update: I don’t think this works on other people’s computers for whatever reason. So if you download and it works, great. Otherwise, don’t be surprised. Download: http://nrgs.org/dev/prototype/Prototype_Alpha.zip This is the first prototype…uh, well it’s not really a game. It was to test drawing functionality and to correct gaps in-between mouse movement. That’s about it. Total […]

NRG’s Window Tool

An upgraded version of NRG’s Window Renamer. Includes Window Mover and Window Killer. What’s the point? No point, I was just messing with the Window’s API via C# doing some various tests. This program could potentially be updated, so a version with the updater is available. Project: NRG’s Window Tool Description: Renames, Moves, and Kills […]

NRG’s Window Renamer

I wrote this program in about 10-minutes for various personal reasons. But I figured it could be helpful to someone else, maybe. It makes two Windows API calls via C#, so don’t be surprised that’s it’s calling user32.dll. Project: NRG’s Window Renamer Description: Renames an open program window name Language: C#.NET 2.0 Project Members: Nicholas […]

NRG’s Anime Character Creator

Update 9/6/2013: Well, since I’m so busy, no new version yet…still… Also, people keep asking where to get it. Go to my projects page in the links above. Update 1/22/2013: A new version is on the way. So expect it. It’s not just updated from the old version, it’s rewritten entirely. The source will be […]