T-ACT – More On Maps

So I made a isometric tile drawing test. Worked out flawlessly. A little on the heavy side as far as calculations per update but, I have ways of lowering it that I haven’t bothered to put in. You can actually play with it here. Left Click = Draw Ctrl + Left Click = Erase Plus […]

Quad Trees!

I’m surprised that I’ve just learned of these. Regardless, I had fun making a quick example of them. http://skyknitters.com/gdemos/quad_trees/ I’m sure there’s going to be one or more people coming in wondering if I’m going to go deeper into explaining what I did. I’m not. Quad trees are fairly simple. My math level is algebra […]

Prototype Alpha: Blackboard

Update: I don’t think this works on other people’s computers for whatever reason. So if you download and it works, great. Otherwise, don’t be surprised. Download: http://nrgs.org/dev/prototype/Prototype_Alpha.zip This is the first prototype…uh, well it’s not really a game. It was to test drawing functionality and to correct gaps in-between mouse movement. That’s about it. Total […]