Window Renamer v1.3 (2/22/2015) Released

Update: If you downloaded the program before I wrote this update, don’t worry. I made a small tweak and added an official icon for Window Renamer. Now if you download the file it has the icon. The new version can now change windows names by their process ID. This is useful if you have a […]

Window Renamer v1.2 (5/8/2014) Released

I came up with an even better idea while I was working on ACC about Window Renamer. I extracted the window finder part from AutoIt and made the .NET version of Window Renamer communicate with the Window Finder application. The result was pretty fantastic. Note: It takes a little for the finder to start up. […]

NRG’s Window Tool

An upgraded version of NRG’s Window Renamer. Includes Window Mover and Window Killer. What’s the point? No point, I was just messing with the Window’s API via C# doing some various tests. This program could potentially be updated, so a version with the updater is available. Project: NRG’s Window Tool Description: Renames, Moves, and Kills […]

NRG’s Window Renamer

I wrote this program in about 10-minutes for various personal reasons. But I figured it could be helpful to someone else, maybe. It makes two Windows API calls via C#, so don’t be surprised that’s it’s calling user32.dll. Project: NRG’s Window Renamer Description: Renames an open program window name Language: C#.NET 2.0 Project Members: Nicholas […]